Ben cocky, whisky that brings together

Whether it is celebrating a victory or forgetting a defeat, the third half is an essential institution.

The club-house is quickly in turmoil as we come to celebrate the values of teams that are nothing more than camaraderie, generosity, support and festive spirit.

Our BEN COCKY whisky is the epitome of the third half. It signs strong moments, big or small, that we like to share with friends to remake the world.

Created by an unconditional lover of the collective sport, our whisky BEN COCKY is frank and authentic.

He gathers the good friends around a good table or a counter to extend the festivities until the end of the night.


BEN COCKY is the embodiment of the gruff but intelligent sportsman. Noble values hide behind an exaggerated masculinity.


It is also a bar whisky (simple and authentic) for good friends who want to have a good time. It is a unifying moment where friendships are sealed.

Party spirit

It also means being part of a team, contributing positively, supporting the initiatives of others, being enthusiastic, true, curious and always ready!


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